Pixel 2,Pixel XL 2 leaks; Single camera and Stereo speakers

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In the coming months, possibly in October or late September, Google will launch new Pixel phones. Dubbed Pixel XL 2 and the Pixel 2 — or they will be simply called Pixel and Pixel XL (2017) — the new Google phones seem to be a evolutionary phones instead of revolutionary. The latest leaks about the new Pixel phones, which are codenamed Walleye (the smaller one) and Taimen (the bigger open), suggest that the phones will have a design that is similar to the current Pixel phones. The two devices also come with single camera on the rear — similar to what the current Pixel phones have — and stereo speakers, which is going to be a new feature for the Google phones.

The latest leaks come courtesy an article by Evan Blass, popularly known as @evleaks on Twitter, on VentureBeat website. Blass also posted the photo of the Walleye aka the Pixel 2 on the website, although the resolution of the image is not that good. The image, however, has been used by a Reddit users to create a better-resolution render that shows more details of the phone. Unlike Samsung, which has phones like the Galaxy S8 with curved screens, and Apple that is supposedly aiming to make big design changes in the iPhone 8, Google is sticking with a fairly regular design for the Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL2.

The big change in terms of design in the Pixel (2017) phones seem to be the ratio of glass cover compared to the metal part. This glass cover is significantly thinner compared to how it was in the Pixel and Pixel XL released in 2016. Also the fingerprint scanner now moves to the metal part of the rear cover.

 Blass notes that unlike last year when HTC made both the Pixel and the Pixel XL, this year the company is only making the smaller Pixel (Walleye). The Pixel XL2 is going to be made by LG, which also made the Nexus 5, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5X earlier for Google. But HTC has reportedly contributed to the design and development of both the Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL2. The company has used its expertise in audio features to equip both the Pixels with stereo speakers, which will be placed on the front. Apart from that, both the Pixels this year will also have the squeezable frame, similar to what the HTC U11 has.

LG, meanwhile, is bringing its screen technology to the new Pixel phones, although only Pixel XL2 (Taimen) may benefit from it. It has been rumoured that the bigger Pixel phone this year will have a 18:9 screen, similar to what the LG G6 has.

Relative to what other flagship phones — think Galaxy S8 and the upcoming iPhone 8 — have this year, the new Pixel phones look little bland and boring. Not only the design of the new Pixel phones seems rather bland, they also lack a feature like the dual-cameras. It must be noted that despite single camera, the current Pixel and the Pixel XL are among the best phones when it comes to photography. There is no reason to suspect that the Pixel XL2 and the Pixel 2 won’t offer similar camera performance. But with that second camera, the new Pixel phones may not have features like the portrait mode in the iPhone 7 Plus that many users seem to love. Just a few days ago former Google VP Vic Gundotra highlighted the portrait mode in the iPhone and noted that this feature alone makes Android phones look 3 to 4 years behind Apple’s devices.

Other than the design details, not much has leaked about the Pixel phones. But some hardware details are easy to guess. The Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 are going to be flagship devices and hence will use the top of the line Snapdragon 835 processor. They are also almost certain to come with at least 4GB RAM, at least 32GB internal storage and the latest Android O operating system.

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