Android O expected to release on August 21


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Android O might be just a few days away from official release if Evan Blass’s claims are anything to go by. The prolific tipster asserts that Android O’s release is scheduled for the week of 21st August, most likely on the 21st itself. This corroborates will with Google’s claims that Android O will launch sometime in Q3 2017.

When Android O begins its official rollout, Pixel And Nexus devices will be the first in line to get the update. Google will also seed the update to other OEM’s who will start prepping the update for their own custom skins and overlays.

Android Police’s managing editor David Ruddock also claims that Android O as well as its name will be released on August 21. Last year, Google officially unveiled Android 7.0 Nougat on August 22, so based on continuity alone, the August 21 date seems quite likely.

A few weeks ago, developers found references to the term “oatmeal_cookie” in sample code that was used in a presentation slide at Google I/O indicating that ‘Oatmeal Cookie’ is a potential candidate for Android O’s name.

Android O comes with several refinements, polishes and little user-centric features all aimed at improving the overall user experience. The major features are notification dots, a new picture in picture mode which lets you watch video in a small window whilst you perform other tasks on your smartphone, support for third party calling apps and notification channels in which notifications can be segmented into various different channels like sports news, and so on.

There is another feature called Copy Less which makes it easier to copy and paste in Android O by employing machine learning and computer vision.  Android O comes with a multitude of back-end improvements as well such as better battery management algorithms, app optimisations, audio enhancements like improved Bluetooth audio and so on.

To improve battery life, Google is introducing ‘Wise Limits’ – a feature which places restrictions on background apps, especially those which use location services constantly. Android O basically places specific limits in location updates, background services and implicit broadcasts.

The Android O Beta is out now and interested users who have the Google Pixel, Pixel Xl, Pixel C, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X an Nexus Player can sign up for the beta program and wait for the OTA update.

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